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Monday, April 2, 2007

Yes....No.....Maybe So.....The Again, Maybe Not

So during this whole headache thing (which by the way they're not gone, but under control. Still there everyday, so don't ask) I decided that I wanted to find a job. I decided that I was going to go back to work, after not working at a real job for two years. I wanted to go back to work not only to make a little extra money, but also for a little bit more social interaction. I missed the workforce and I thought it was about time I go back into it. Actually what started it was I was shopping at my favorite beauty supply store and they were hiring people. I figured the headaches were to the point where I could tolerate them and I figured that getting a job wouldn't be so bad. So I decided to go home and work on my resume.

Then that's when I severely sprained my ankle. I guess that wasn't a good time to start looking for a job. (Ya think?)

Then about a month ago when I was getting excited about taking a vacation with Dan this year, we started looking at Hawaii. I totally fell in LOVE! I've never been one who's "gaga" about Hawaii; I never knew what the big deal over it was, but as soon as I started looking at vacations there, I wanted to go there SO BADLY! I was an obsessed woman. Ask Dan. I was seriously obsessed. No seriously.

Anyways we had finally decided that this is where we wanted to go. If you know us, we're so indecisive about choosing a vacation, so for us to actually settle on somewhere to go was a huge feat. When we started actally looking at stuff we wanted to do and where we wanted to stay this was turning into a very expensive vacation; more than what we had budgeted for the year.

So as soon as I started to feel better with my ankle and stuff I decided I was going to go job hunting again, to fund our vacation. I was determined this time! So I started working on my resume and I was finding job postings on and was getting a lot of interviews and stuff and finally I did end up getting a job. Not at a place that I really wanted to work at, mind you, but it seemed like a good work environment and so I took the job. When I accepted, I was supposed to start in a few days. Then Dan and I started to plan our week as we normally do on a Sunday evening. We started going through our week and saying things like, "well, we can't have 'so and so' for dinner cause I won't be home in time from work to plan out the meal", or "we can't do that, cause I'll be off at work at 6", or "crap, we can't take these classes that we have to take to be able to adopt through the State, like we're planning to in the next year". Then we started to think that maybe this "me working"-thing wasn't such a great idea after all. Another thing I would be missing was all of the Sarah-"day parties" that she has at her house for all of the ladies in our ward. That would TOTALLY suck! I live for those! So pretty much I decided that working would cut into our social life and our regular (as mundane as it may seem at some times) life, and that it took all of the job searching and interviewing to make me realize that I still and probably always will, don't want to work for anyone. I'm just going to focus on my hair business (or the very part-time business that it is) where I travel to people's houses to do their hair. It's my own hours, I'm my own boss; I can do it whenever, wherever and however I please and I can make the same amount of money as I would working for someone else. I'd say that's a pretty good deal don't you think?

So Hawaii so far, has been postponed until further notice, but I'm okay with that. We'll just sorta see what happens this year as far as vacations and plans go. Like I said earlier we're planning on adopting through the State as well as through private adoption, so in order to do that you have to become a licensed foster parent through the State. That's why we have to take these classes. So pretty much every Saturday in April is booked up by these classes. But if it means getting a child in our home sooner than with LDS Family services then we'll be happy. But it also means that our Hawaiian vacation might be a no go. But we'll see. It all depends on what happens and when it happens.

Although something good did come out of this vacation planning thing. As I was searching for places to stay in Ohau, I totally fell in love with this little cottage that was a couple of minutes walk from a private beach and I knew that's where I wanted to stay on our vacation. So I emailed the person who rents out the cottage to check the availability and cost. Anyways we started emailing back and forth, cause I had a few questions to ask her and she was really helpful and all that and of course since I can "make friends with anything" (those are Dan's words not mine) I got the feeling that she was LDS. Well a couple of emails later and a few "subtle" questions (I asked her if she knew where the nearest LDS church was, since we were members and would be attending church while we were there), I found out that her and her family are LDS and not only that, but she's originally from Washington state too. What a small world! I thought it was pretty hilarious how subtle I was trying to be.

Anyways to plug my new friend's cottage; if you're planning a trip to Oahu and don't care to stay in the city of Honolulu, there's a town on the east side of the island called Ka'a'awa and it's the nicest looking place I've found, for a reasonable price. And the owners are REAL friendly too. Check out their property

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