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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've Fallen In Love

I'm in love with Dan.....everyone knows that, however I have a new love in my life. The name is Shaun Barrowes.

No I'm not in love with another man.....poligamy is not on the program here folks......but I am in love with the music of Shaun Barrowes.

I'm sure most of you have never heard of Shaun Barrowes before; I hadn't when I first heard his name, but thanks to his "self marketing" on LDS, where I met him, I now know the music and it is WONDERFUL!

If you like Billy Joel, George Gershwin, Harry Connnick Jr., Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, or any of the classic songs of all time played in a jazzy style, you will LOVE Shaun Barrowes too.

So Friday night he played a show in Seattle and I took my friend April to it. It was one of the best live music experiences of my life (besides OZO...don't freak out Ana). He is just so super talented, a great performer, and he's really good with his audience. And man can those fingers play the piano! I couldn't keep my eyes off his fingers cause they just moved so fast. His voice is so smooth and he can sing in a very wide range. The songs that he revamped to his style were meant to be played the way he sung them. He re-did the song "Wonderwall" by Oasis and you'd think if you'd never heard it before that it was meant to be played as a jazz song. It was my favorite although the close second was his song called "Fade". That's another thing; he may play a lot of cover songs, but he's an awesome song writer himself and he's actually written a lot of songs for people. He spent years writing in LA for different R&B groups and also singing back up, but then decided he wanted to persue his own career as a performer. He's an independent artist with no agent, manager, record label and that's his curve. He does it all himself and I can see it working better for him in the end. He's touring the States & Canada right now and he'll be back in town here in a few months time.

Check him out on My Space. My favorite song on there is one he wrote himself called, "When I Take Your Hand". His recordings don't give you the true sound of his music though, cause he's a live performer and he really does sound SO MUCH BETTER LIVE! Anyways enough of the "Shaun Barrowes plug". I don't get anything outta promoting him, I really am a big fan of his and I'm doing my new friend a favor by telling the world about his awesomeness. I've posted a video that I took at the show, on YouTube. You can find it here.

Okay enough about him. It's not my true love. But speaking of my true love.....Dan was in Edmonton the latter half of the week and was supposed to be coming home tonight, but last night as I was in the middle of eating dinner with Sarah and her family, I got a call from Dan saying he was at our apartment looking for me! He surprised by coming home a day early. It was a great surprise. That meant I only spent one night alone, since the day after he left, April came into town. She was pretty much coming down for the Shaun Barrowes show, but she happend to catch a ride down with her family since they were coming down to go to the temple. It was so nice being with the Mangham's, since they've always been another family to me. Laurel came down too with her two kids (since her husband Devon was in Edmonton ironic!) and I haven't hung out with her in the longest time. It was really nice to laugh and be with them again. Especially Laurel. I've been closer with April over the years and Laurel and I sorta lost contact since she got married, so I feel badly that I haven't spent much time with her over the years, but when you have friends that are like sisters to you and are your "kindred spirits", like April and Laurel are to me, then even though you don't talk or hang out for years, you pick up where you left off, like no time has passed.

Anyways enough of the sappy stuff. I really will try to keep up with this blog thingy in the future. I just sometimes am not in the mood to write, but then again, I know if I just sit down and type whatever's on my mind, that pretty much is all this blogging thingy.

Anyways make sure you check out Shaun Barrowes on his My Space. He's a really great guy and such a talented person and I know that he'll be really popular someday soon and it's up to me and you to spread his music around. By the way for those of you who care, he is LDS and he also has a CD out that is Christian Hymns jazzed up a bit. They're beautifully done and although they're "jazzed up", they're still reverent songs that are in harmony with the Spirit of Christ. You can buy his CD's here or his mainstream, non-religous, debut CD here

Have a great week everyone!

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