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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

BC Day.....YAY!

O CANADA, my home and native land....

Yesterday marked this special day: the first Monday in August, better known as British Columbia Day, the day off from work and the all play day, the McKenzie's party at their cabin on Cultas Lake

Glorious BC Day! How I've missed thee!

In case you've never read my first blogs on here, I missed last year's due to the inconsideration of the US Homeland Security (aka: Immigration) and their timely fashion of their "dealing out of the Green Cards" (ok so that last part was sarcastic in case you didn't get it).

Ya so last year I wasn't able to go to Canada, boo hoo, yada yada yada, everyone knows my rant abOOt that. (That wasn't a misspell, DOYE!) So this year the anticipation was immense, for the joy that is the McKenzie's party on BC Day. For those of you who've gone the last 5 years that they've held it, know that it is a joyous occasion to bask in the sun and all it's glory, swim at the lake, enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs and my favorite CHILLER-WACK Corn, and be surrounded by good friends, lots of laughter and guaranteed FUN!

Since this is the first time that I've even been up to BC in the summer for 2 years, it was long awaited. Not only that but I haven't seen some people since Dan & I's reception 2 years and 2 months ago, so this for me was going to be quite the reunion. And it was indeed.

I didn't tell anyone but Julia McKenzie and April that I was coming up, so it was a good surprise for a lot of people. I ended up seeing most of all of the people I could've wanted to see that day, plus more. There were people there that I didn't even expect to see, so it was a surprise for me too.

Anyways I went up with Sarah and the 2 stinky's and that in itself was exciting. ROAD TRIP WHOO! Sarah kept making me laugh by saying, "It's like we're going to a whole'nother country!" This would be the first time that the two little girls would be going to Canada even though they're half Canadian. Their late daddy Kevin was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, (which cracks Sarah up every time she hears the name.......she's got a sick mind and she's immature). (TWINS!)

So anyways figures that they didn't even care to see ID at the Canadian border (don't you feel so safe up there knowing that?). I was trying to tell her that as soon as you cross the border, you'll be able to just feel like you're in another country. She didn't believe me, but every time I cross I just feel it. I mean you could kidnap me, blind fold me and take me across the border without me knowing it, and I'd know which country I was in. Of course now if the kidnapping were to ever happen, for reals, then I'd automatically know that you took me to another country just to find out if I'm telling the truth or not, but now what good would that do, eh? But she did say that when we crossed back into the US it did feel different. (SEE TOLD'YA!)

Anyways we stopped of to visit with Dan & Nicky and the kids and then we headed off to the lake, via McDonald's (which is SO much better tasting than American McDonald's, and after Sarah tried her chicken nuggets she TOTALLY agreed with!) Anyways it was TONS of fun and even my dad was able to come out with the family and chill for the day. Emily (my 9 yr old sister) had a great time with Sarah's Hannah. Both Sarah's girls had a blast. Sarah did too and it was nice to know that she has the type of personality that she could entertain herself, if I were to leave her alone (which I did most of the time). She's not a shy one I tell ya. Actually it's funny, but I figured out who she is exactly like from back home. My friend Elyse has a wild, crazy, funny dad and Sarah is like his "girl version". It was funny to introduce them to each other.

Anyways had lots of fun. Got some sun, finally. I swear this is the whitest I've been in 4 years. On the way home we stopped at a fruit stand cause Sarah wanted blueberries and I wanted Okanogan cherries (YUM!) and we all enjoyed the cherries so much that I had to buy another bunch of them (as we sat in the parking lot and ate them, since we're not aloud to bring the fruit across the border). But I told Sarah that they're better than Washington Cherries and she agreed with me on that one too. I was also able to spot the last jar of KRAFT Light Peanut Butter that they had on the shelf. It's the only thing I needed to get while I was there and I didn't care that it was double the price if you were to buy it at Save-on-Foods. I just wanted it and needed it and I got it, which is a good thing cause I've been out of that stuff for 3 months and they don't sell it down here.

Anyways I've missed out on writing about stuff that's happened in the last 2 weeks but I'll try and write/post pictures about that another time. So until then enjoy this blog & view the photos about BC Day! I had a blast everyone!

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