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Sunday, August 13, 2006

12.......And Counting

Congratulations Nelson & Xochi!

So I'm an auntie, or tia, again to a baby boy, who has no name yet. He was born yesterday and he was actually delivered at home by my brother Nelson. It was only 2 hours until he came so it all happend very fast, but since this is Nelson & Xochi's 3rd child delivered at home, Nelson pretty much knew what to do I guess. I"m not sure when the midwives arrived to take over, but I think Nelson said he did it all himself. Anyways that makes him #12, as far as neices and nephews go for my side of the family. And they're an even ratio of boys to girls too; 6 of each. It's cool too cause Nelson has exactly what my mom had, two boys with a girl in the middle.

Well anyways that's the first of the bazillion of babies being born to people close to me, this year. Stay tuned for more. I think Tricia is next?

It's not me that's for sure

Really I'm ok. My time will come, but not in my time.

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