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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

There's No Place Like Home!

So the reason I haven’t written anything in my blog recently is because I actually did…..and then it got erased when I tried to post it. It totally SUCKED! I was SO mad! So needless to say it’s kind of put me off writing again, since I’ve already said all that I want to say in the last one and I hate repeating myself. This time however I got smart and I’m writing it in Word first and then I’ve pasted it on here.

Anyways enough about that…….what’s new? Well we’re moving next week in to a new apartment......however it’s not the same one as we were originally going to move into. No in fact we’re staying in the same building, on the same floor…..we’re actually moving into our friend’s Mark & Katy’s old place. They moved out last week into a different apartment, just out of the blue and their floor plan is that same one we’re moving into, so I just asked Management if theirs was available instead and they said yes. So we’re moving into the apartment right next door to our apartment. This is going to be the easiest move ever! And it turns out that LeManda is coming down to help us move. I told Lee that he couldn’t just simply because we had to break the cycle of him helping me move all the time, (he’s helped me the last 6 times, including twice down here) but he says that’s why he has to! Too funny.

Anyways my trip to Canada was fun. I went last weekend from Wednesday to Sunday. I originally wanted to stay longer, but Dan and I both weren’t feeling too great and I think mostly we were just homesick. Here I thought I was homesick from BC, but now I know even more so that our home is here. Plus we missed Jacki and Terence…..that’s actually what it came down to. Not really, but we’ll let them think that.

Anyways I have to mention a couple of stupid things that happened to me there. It seems that my brain switched to “blond-mode” as soon as I crossed the border. Well, here, all I see is Washington plates and so every time that I see a BC plate (which isn’t often) I get a little excited, so when I crossed the border I still didn’t realize that I had crossed any country line and I kept seeing all these BC plates and getting excited, and I had to stop myself and call myself an idiot because I was in BC. You’d think after catching myself once it would’ve stopped....but oh no! I still kept doing it! And I’d scold myself again and again. Then the next minute went by and I did it again. It was seriously a mental moment that I was having. I have a lot of those that people don’t know about. I tell Dan about them and he just rolls his eyes and says, “Oh Love!”- meaning –“boy you’re stupid!” But he loves me no matter what. Anyways I did a couple of other stupid stuff while I was there, but I won’t bore you.

We stayed with Dan & Nicky a couple of nights, and then we went to my mom’s. Friday night though, was SUSHI NIGHT! Dan & I, Nicky, LeManda and my brother Steve all went to Sui Sha Ya in Burnaby for All You Can Eat Japanese food. I haven’t experience that in about a year since I left. There’s a place here that does that but in buffet style and I wouldn’t call it better, there’s just nothing like the experience with everyone…..the tradition of getting together with friends to do that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m going to that place that I mentioned that’s here, on my birthday, cause I get a free meal. I also get a free meal at Ruby’s and we’re gonna see where else we can milk a free meal the week of my birthday. We’re not cheap…..we just like to take advantage of the deals people offer.

Anyways Saturday morning we went out to breakfast with April and we were supposed to go to my parents afterwards, but as we sat in Ricky’s looking at our menus, Dan says, “Hey there’s your mom & Tom!” and I look out the window and I don’t see anything but a red truck parked outside and I’m like, okay Dan, just because you see a red truck just like Tom’s, doesn’t mean they’re here. I mean ya, they live in Walnut Grove, where we were and yes it would be quite the coincidence if they were here, but they’re not……they’re probably not even out of bed yet……I mean it was only about 10am……And before I could think all of that verbally, he’s out in the lobby to greet them. So we ended up having breakfast with April and my parents that morning. What a coincidence!

So anyways we had a good visit later with my parents and Steve and Laura came over too. Steve showed us his work by “borrowing” a DVD from work. He’s a story board artist for the cartoon Ed, Edd & Eddy on Cartoon Network and he showed us their Halloween special. I never realize just how important his job is. I thought the animators did more than he does, but it’s actually his responsibility for getting the story from script and bring it to life. The story board is the key component to a cartoon and it’s actually his drawings that make it to the cartoon. He draws the actions and key movements that the characters are going to make and then they send it off somewhere to be animated, but those animators, copy (practically trace) & animate Steve’s drawings. So when you watch an episode with Steve Garcia in the credits as Storyboard Artist you’re actually watching something Steve created. It’s all very cool and I’m so proud of him!

Anyways we came home Sunday night after visiting with my dad. Like I said before, we just both wanted to come home. I think we both realize that we don’t like being away from home too long, no matter where we go. We’re sorry to the friends we didn’t get to see even though we planned on it, and to those we didn’t plan on seeing we’re sorry that you just weren’t important enough to us that we wanted to see you…….just kidding! There just wasn’t enough time…..we just know too many darn people! And Ana I know what you’re thinking……but I get to see you for a whole day in November and nobody else, when I come to see OZO with you, so quit your whining……it’s really pathetic!

Anyways, my cousin Jen’s coming for like a day on Friday. I get to pick her up at the airport and then we’ll have fun (like we always do) for one night only. She’s staying with us and then going to BC for 3 weeks. It’ll be weird cause she’ll stay with us in the apartment that we’re in now and then when she comes back to go home, we’ll be in the new apartment. I guess it’s not that weird, but whatever, humor me!

I think that’s enough for now. I’m sure this is the longest blog that I’ve ever written. It had to be with all that I missed writing cause of my discouragement when my last entry was erased before it even posted. Oh ya and there’s one more thing for all of you out there, who already envy me……we’re getting a free XBOX 360….and it’s the deluxe model too, not just the cheap version. Suck on that!

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