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Monday, October 10, 2005

It's Been 6 Months....That Must Mean We're Moving Again

Okay so it was kinda funny when Dan and I moved into this apartment, that we're in now, and we realized that for first year that we were married, we've lived in 3 different apartments and it seems that every six months we made that move. Well that was funny.....but then I realized that for the last....oh almost 3 years...I've moved every 6 months. First it was when Nadine, Amanda & I moved into a different apartment in the building we were living in Abbotsford. Then 6 months later, when I decided that I was going to move to Alberta, I "temporarily" moved into my parents house to save money. Then Dan and I met and that "temporary" situation at my parents turned into, "till I get married", which guessed it.....6 months later. Then Dan got the job down here in Redmond and we moved again, 6 months later. Then when we hated the apartments we were in and Dan promised me when he got a permanent job we'd move, we found the apartments we're in now, which we moved into 6 months later. We signed a year lease and so you'd think that we would've broken our "6 month streak", but oh no......we found out that we could save a lot of money if we stopped paying for wasted space with a 2 bedroom apartment. So now....approximately 6 months later, we are officially moving into a different apartment. The same complex that we're in now, but a different building. Actually it's probably about 50 Ft. away from our place now, so it's no tlike it's going to be a chore to move everything. But this time we're hiring movers! Which brings me to another tradition we'll be breaking.....Lee's helped me move pretty much every time that I've moved in the last 4 years (which was about 6 times and includes each 2 of the moves down here) and sadly, we won't be needing his help this time. He even got out of moving a piano! Even though you're off the hook Lee, maybe if you visit us in time, I let you move a box or something, just for old times sake!

Anyways other than that we've had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night we had "Fun Sarah" and her husband Jim over for dinner and games and we had an absolute blast! They're both a lot of fun and we look forward to hanging with them again. It was actually kinda cool to see Jim come out of his shell. He comes across as the type to be kinda shy and reserved, but he definitely let loose. Then Saturday we hung out a bit with TAki. They came over and we played a few games and then we went out to dinner at the Coho Cafe.....or Cho Cho's, as Dan calls it. Actually I think that name has stuck with us now and that's what we call it. After that we went our seperate ways and we ended up hanging out with our next door neighbors, Mark & Katy, who are in our ward. We've lived beside them for 6 months now and we've never made the effort to hang out with them, so I'm glad that she took the initiative. They were a lot of fun too. We had a great time playing RAGE. At the begining Katy was totally loving the game, but then as she was not doing so good, she kept saying, "I hate this game!". It's a love/hate relationship with this love to play it but you really start to hate it when it doesn't play in your favor. Anyways Sunday TAki came over for dinner and games (as usually....the weekly ritual).

Okay it's really late and I've gotta wake up at 5:30 in the morning to go pick up Dan from the sleep clinic. He's there overnight in a sleep study. They're testing him for Sleep Apnea and hopefully if he has it, we can start with curing the snoring problem that keeps me awake all night.

Okay that's all for now.........I'm really tired and I want some sleep. Sorry I'm not funny or exciting today. I'll try and shoot for tomorrow.....or maybe'll just have to check back and see.

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