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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Well let's just say we learned a lot this weekend! Never mix unexpected guests and my period!!!(Although my husband learned even more this weekend.........I'm most ALWAYS right, when it comes to most things)

Anyways our plans this weekend were with Dan's parents and then my parents came on Sunday. Doug & Diana came Friday evening and we went out to Larry's Market for some "All you can eat Pizza feast". They have really good pizza and for all you can eat soda, salad & pizza for only $4.99, it's worth it! Then we came back to our house and went for a swim & played RAGE.

Then next day we went to Lynwood and played some indoor/outdoor mini golf and had a blast! I've never been good at mini golf, but for some strange reason I was being exceptionally good this time. I suprised even myself! I got 2 hole in ones and my final score was 44 (Par was 41) which beat everyone else by at least 10 points! Woo hoo! Way ta go ME!!!

After mini golf Dan decided that he wanted to go to Edmonds where on the map he noticed was right on the coast so he was sure that there was a beach somewhere. He was right! We drove to Edmonds and discovered a little beach there right next to the Kingston ferry. It was absolutely beautiful. We all waded into the water, which was refreshing, especially on that HOT day!

After that we went to go eat dinner in Lynwood at Billy McHale's. I love their Billy's worth it to go there just for that. They do Karaoke on Saturday nights and I've been meaning to go there, but I haven't had the chance yet. One day day.

Sunday morning Doug & Diana went to church without us. I was NOT having a very good morning. Period mixed with too many people in my house making a mess mixed with anger and emotions. I was putting on my makeup and the next thing I know I knocked my makeup drawer on the everywhere! I was so upset I just layed on the bed and cried while Dan picked it all up. How grateful I am to have the husband that I have, not only because he knew to pick up the mess before consoling me, but he stayed home from church TO console me. I felt guilty and told him he needed to go to church and he told me that I come first. SO I told him that he was wrong; that Hevenly Father comes first and he needed to be at church. That's when he told me that he was doing what Heavenly Father wanted him to do; be with His daughter. I just sobbed after he said that. It amazes me how much he loves me and pleases me to no end and how everyday I grow to love him more and more; just when I think how could I possibly love someone more, he says something like that and I fall in love with him all over again!

Anyways we had a wonderful visit with Dan's parents and we can't wait to see them again. My parents showed up on Sunday afternoon in time to have lunch with Dan's parents before they left. It was nice to be altogether again.

That night we went back to that Edmonds beach with my parentals and watched the sun set. It was gorgeous out. Tom even let me drive his truck out there. I was so shocked! I thought he was pulling my leg when he said I could drive the truck (his precious truck) until he handed me the keys. Man that was a huge shocker! it was awesome though. Man did that thing have power! Unlike our dinky little truck. Anyways we came back after and played Star Wars Monopoly and at the begining of the game when Mom & Tom were buying up all the properties and Dan & I kept getting sent to jail and ending up with sqwat.......the tables turned and we landed the right set of properties and Dan ended up ruling the board and he won! Figures! Dan always wins everything! (j/k)

Anyways since it was BC Day Monday my parents stayed overnight with us. For the first time in history I might add. they ususally stay in a hotel, but since my mom's on strike at the moment (she works for Telus) the cash flows a little low so they opted to save money and stay with us. It was really nice waking up with them in the morning. Just like old times (*tear). Anyways went to Claim Jumper for lunch (YUMMY!) and then they went home. It was a nice sigh of relief to have our house quiet again. As much as we LOVE haing people visit us, we do love the house to ourselves.

Well that won't last long! LeManda are coming this weekend and we're looking forward to that! It'll be their last time visiting us-being engaged. Next time they'll be Mr. & Mrs. LeManda Staats. Only 15 more days!

Anyways I must go now and do whatever it is that I do each day which is do whatever it is that I do. Buh bye!

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