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Friday, April 22, 2011


So last night we had an "Urgent Chorus Meeting".

I knew exactly why, yet didn't exactly know why or how.

The suspense was killing me.

Is it killing you?

Prolly not, eh?

Well here's the deal...

We received a letter from Sweet Adelines International letting us know that Region 13 (our region's) 1st place chorus, Pacific Sound, was "disqualified from the competition and not eligible for any awards".

It so happened that one of their people onstage was ineligible to compete. So therefore they had to be disqualified.

Kudos to PSC for bringing the matter to SAI, knowing full well what the consequences would be. What an unfortunate and disappointing thing to happen to them. Apparently this has never happened in SA history and it is integrous of PSC to admit their mistake. I commend and respect them 100%.

However....(and I quote the letter)
"As a result, all placements in the competition will be adjusted. a cappella joy Chorus is named Region 13’s 2011 first place chorus and will be eligible to represent Region 13 at the international competitions held in Denver, Colorado in 2012."

 I was amazed
I was stunned
I shouted joy
I cried
I rejoiced with friends
I am humbled

Cue Freddy Mercury:

Click on Freddy for the full effect

Holy freakin' crazy!

We get to go to International competition in 18 months!!!

Revised Order of Placement as of April 21, 2011
North Pacific Region #13 2011 Chorus Contest
First Place:  a cappella joy Chorus (591)
Second Place:  Spirit of Spokane Chorus (586)
Third Place:  Voices Northwest Chorus (576)
Fourth Place:   Jet Cities Chorus (558)
Fifth Place:   Olympia Chorus (537)
Division A
First Place:  Rolling Hills Chorus (535)
Second Place:  RiversEdge Chorus (511)
Third Place:  Coeur d’Alene Chorus (493)
Division AA
First Place:  a cappella joy Chorus (591)
Second Place:  Spirit of Spokane (586)
Third Place:  Voices Northwest Chorus (576)
Most Improved
a cappella joy Chorus (591)


NaDell said...

That's awesome! Have fun preparing for Colorado!!!
How do you become ineligible? I love that you directed me to Webster's to look up that word. =)

Suze said...

Section II: Competition Eligibility

1. Chorus Competitions

a. Regional/Area Chorus Competition

(1) Any chorus is eligible to compete in a regional/area chorus competition provided that:

(c) All competitors are members of prospective or chartered choruses of Sweet Adelines International in good standing with the chapter in question, as defined in the respective chapters standing rules, as applicable; or

1) Members name must appear on chorusofficial membership roster at International Headquarters as of the day before the actual competition, or April 30, whichever is first.

Suze said...

Which word? Integrous?
It's cause it's a made up word ;)

NaDell said...

So did they not pay their dues or something then? Or did they just forget to put someone's name on the list?
I like your made up word. That's what I figured you meant by it, but I'm always trying to test my brain skills by seeing if what I assume is correct. =)

Candice said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

Suze said...

Someone wasn't a registered member. Sucks for them, big time. Bad mistake.

Integrous sounds like a word, don't it? I love made up words.

maymay said...

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