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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Caroling! Caroling!

If anyone is out shopping at the outlet mall in Marysville WA, this Saturday, Dec 4th, between 2-4pm, don't be shocked if you see somone, that looks just like me, walking around the mall singing Christmas carols with a bunch of women.

It really is me!

Sit back and enjoy the awesomeness that is AJoy!


Leighann and Jamie said...

are yo doing a flash mob? that would be SO COOL! see you Sat.

Suze said...

No. I WISH!!!

It was a plain ol' getting paid to sing at the mall deal. Nothing special.

It was soooo much fun though! Saturday is going to be so spectacularly AWESOME!!! Seriously, it's going to be SOOOO AWESOME!!!! OMGOSH! I can't even contain myself of excitement!!! Consider yourself fortunate that you actually get to WATCH the show. I'm totally jealous!

See ya'll Saturday!

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