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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Circle Of A Woman's Reach

Okay since my friend Cheri posted this on her blog, I figured I might as well post it on mine.

We had a Visiting Teaching Appreciation night, last week and I got the wonderful opportunity to sing. Cheri's son Brady played the guitar. He's so darn cute I just wanna smoosh him to death! I openly wish him to marry any of my daughters one day. He's such a great kid and his momma raised him well.

Anyways this video for some reason is off from the sound a bit, but enjoy it anyways.


The Keenan Family said...

Suze I always forget what an amazing singer you are! Love it! Love you guys! Hope you are doing well with everything. Call us sometime.

Sarah said...

Beautiful singing! I miss getting to hear you sing. :)

Ryan and Amanda said...

I love any opportunity I can get to hear you sing! Beautiful as always!

Suze said...

Thanks ladies!

I listen and hear nothing but all the mistakes and wished I'd practiced more than just a few times, with Brady. Mind you I didn't learn the song till 3 days before the actual performance.

Remember that "Procrastination" is my middle name.

Person said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Our ward Relief Society is singing this next month for Sacrament Meeting. I was asked to lead it, with practices starting tomorrow, and had never heard it before, and couldn't seem to get the hang of it trying to pluck it out on the piano. This was immensely helpful! Thank you so much! :D

Glenda Sue Stone said...

Thank you for posting. My girlfriends and I use to sing this constantly back in the 80's. I was just thinking about those days and looked up the song. I think I will pull out my old, tattered copy and open the lid to my piano and sing out memories. Once for RS I had taken many slides of ward sisters doing different chores and charities and did a slide show with the music. It was a rewarding experience. Thanks for the memories

Unknown said...

I'm searching for the sheet music to this song The circle of a woman's reach, and you sang it so beautifully. Where can I get it, and in the key you sang it in...possibly for an alto voice? Cora Meeks

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