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Monday, March 8, 2010


If a tree falls in the forest and everyone's around, it makes a really big noise and it shakes the ground!

There's been a lot of action going on around our place these last couple of days. Dan hired these tree guys to take down some trees on our property and it's been really cool watching them work. The girls have enjoyed it a lot. My oldest now says when she grows up, she wants to climb trees with "spiky shoes" and cut them down.

Dan and I were both home sick yesterday from church and we're kinda glad we were, cause we would've missed all the action. I'm sure people thought we were home "sick" as an excuse to be around, but we really were.

There are about 25 trees that we wanted to come down, so that our property can feel more "open". There's about 3.5 acres of our 5 acre property that we can't touch, due to it being classified as a wetland. So with the rest of the 1.5 acres we decided we wanted it mostly cleared so that it can not only be more usable, but it can clear the way for the sun to shine. Even with the couple of trees they took down yesterday in the front of our house, our property looks so much bigger. I love it!

Anyways we took a lot of pictures and video of the trees coming down. I've posted one for your viewing pleasure. (It's not as exciting as being there in person) If you've never been around when I tree comes down it's pretty exciting and freaky at the same time. I kept thinking it was going to fall on our house......but it didn't.

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