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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Suze ~ The Blog Stalker

I stalk quite a few blogs.

Some I find from stalking other blogs.

Most of these blogs are about crafting, sewing, DIY, cooking.

They inspire me and allow me to dream that "someday I'll do that project" or "bank that one in the idea pot".

Well about a month ago I discovered the ultimate blog.

A girl named Ana and her obsession with furniture.

***Flashback to the past.......

I took a semester (well part of a semester, cause I moved early that school year) in 10th grade of woodworking. It was something that I wanted to try and I ended up loving it. It totally freaked me out (all those power tools and their POWER) but at the same time I loved what you could create with wood. I love the smell of lumber and to this day, one of my favorite smells, is a "home store" lumber section. Anyways since my woodworking days in highschool, I always knew that one day I would do something with wood.

***Back to the future.......

Knock-Off Wood is a blog dedicated to people who dream of expensive furniture from over priced catalogues/retail stores, but can never afford it. Actually it's more of a, "why on earth would you EVER pay for something like that, when you could build it yourself", kinda blog.

The blog author, Ana, is a stay-at-home mom and with a wonderful talent for looking at a piece of furniture and being able to not only making it look exactly like the original, but also making up the plans for everyone in the world to be able to make it themselves.

She has totally inspired me to do exactly what she's done and that is create.

As soon as I'm back on my leg again, I plan on creating something that she's designed. Well at least it will be on the list of things I'm going to do.

Dan's being very supportive in this and he's ordered me some books on woodworking. What a hunk! Thanks again Lovey.

Anyways right now Ana's celebrating her 1 millionth hit on her blog. She's only been blogging for just over 100 days and her blogsite has been hit over a million times. Can we say genius?

She's giving away a $50 gift card to either Lowes or Home Depot if you leave a comment on her post.(Make sure you say that I referred you, cause if you win, then I'll get a Gift Certificate too!) Check out her site and be inspired, like I've been.

Also check back in the future for my own projects that I've built. The first one I plan on doing is this bench for my entry way. To think I was going to spend about $200 at Cost Plus World Market for one. I just couldn't justify it, but it was exactly what I wanted for my entry way and couldn't find it cheaper any where else. Well now I plan on building my own. Stay tuned!


Taryn said...

I stock Ana too!!! Isn't her site awesome. I am trying to gain the courage to actually make something though - I'm think the Cameron Bookcase to start for Maizyns room.

Suze said...

I'm so glad you stalk Ana too!

After the bench I plan on making the entertainment unit for my basement. And to think we were going to hire a contracter to build it. PSHA! Yeah right. I'm totally doing it MYSELF!

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