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Sunday, January 31, 2010

48 Days Of FHE

FHE - Family Home Evening

I've decided that I have procrastinated long enough. I really have a hard time remembering to do an "official" FHE. The intention is there, but I always forget to prepare something, or I have a bad day and it never happens, or I'm just plain neglectful. Well no more! Nothing helps me more than feeling accountable to others, so I'm putting this out there for the whole blog world to see....(well at least those who actually read my blog). For the next 48 Mondays of the year, I'm going to make this happen. Baby steps. But I know I can do it.

We had a really great 5th Sunday discussion, directed by our wonderful Bishop, about self-reliance. Taking things more towards the spiritual welfare that we all must be taking care of. Well there were 3 things he pointed out at the end that we need to be doing to help us.

  1. Family/Couples/Personal Prayer
  2. Family Home Evening
  3. Family/Couple/Personal Scripture Study

As with all things there's always room for improvement in these areas, even if I think I or we are doing pretty good. But the one thing that I know needs major improvement is FHE. So this is why I'm feeling guilty about it.

So starting tomorrow I will report on our FHE. What we did. How we did it. What worked. What didn't. I will continue my report every Monday for the next 48 weeks to see how I did.

And by the way if you're really good in this area and would like to share your ideas, please comment. Whether you're parents of young children, older children, no children, single moms, empty nesters, whatever! Let me know what works or has worked for you.

If you've also have good treat recipes, please share those too! Especially those low in fat and sugar (I'm diabetic)


Lisa said...

Hi Suze and family,

FHE is a great idea!!!
My mom tries her best to get us to spend time together as a family. I guess that is similar to FHE. Your kids won't appreciate till they get older!


Suze said...

Thanks for your comment Lisa!

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