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Monday, November 9, 2009

Sisters That Rock Big!

Our ward held it's first annual talent show on Saturday. Of course I JUMPED at the occasion to do something. Each auxiliary of the ward (Young Women, Primary, Relief Society etc....) got represented. The Relief Society had about a week to come up with something and it turned out to be a song and dance routine.

I rewrote the words to the song, "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge. My sista's from RS were my back up singers and dancers and we ROCKED BIG!

Here are the words:

Relief Society
To the tune of “We Are Family”

CHORUS (Repeat 2x):
Relief Society
I got all my sisters with me
‘Cause we are a family
Get up ev’rybody and sing

Ev’ry time that we get together
We fit like a glove
(WE!)We will beat all the storms that we weather
With our Savior’s love
(ALL!) All of the people around us they say
Can they be that close?
Just let me state for the record
We give out love in a sisterly dose


Bringing meals is good; it’s not all we do
We get to share all our talents too
(LIVE!) Living our Father’s plan for the future
We have our goals in sight
(OUR!) Our testimonies we love to bear
Here’s where we stand; we want to declare:
Have faith, have hope and have charity
It never faileth
You’ll live eternally!

I'm SOOO tremendously happy that I got this opportunity to participate and bring out my personality and talents to people who still don't really know me, ya dig? I know all my friends back home are thinking, "This is typical Suze", but I'm slowly getting myself out there.

Thanks again Sista's! You guys ROCK!


Amanda said...

That was fabulous Suze!

Suze said...

Thanks Amanda. The sound is horrible, cause it was video'd from our camera. I'm hoping someone has a better copy somewhere out there...

Ryan and Amanda said...

Susan! I loved it! Thanks for sharing. It made me remember fun times we shared (Mariah Carey...) Loved it!

Suze said...

Oh yeah....cruisin' in your HOT car and belting out Mariah.....good times. Thanks Amanda!

Erekson's said...

Awesome! I love it and I miss you tons! I miss all our dancing and singing, you are one hot singing mama! Good job getting up there

Chesney said...

definitely entertaining!!!

Colette said...

Love it!! You're awesome Susan!!!!!

JenG said...

Yay! I finally got to hear you sing! It was great!

Tricia said...



Doreen said...

Suze! YOU ROCK! WONDERFUL! Take it on the road! You could at least fill the stake center. (See ya tomorrow.)

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