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Friday, April 10, 2009

We've Moved.....Yet Again

I forgot to mention that we moved again. It's a severely long story, but I'll give you the low down.

We moved.

Okay, I'll give you more....

The house that we signed a 2 year lease on was all a sham. We suspected our landlord was not being entirely honest with us and then our suspicions came to be true and he was going to lose his house. Well when we confronted him, he said everything was okay, but we knew he was lying to us. So we decided that he should let us out of our lease and so we found another house closer to Dan's work and in a quieter town than we were in before. I love it! I love our house and I love our neighborhood. It was a total blessing in disguise that everything didn't work out with the other house. I was just really ticked off that I spent all the time fixing it up and painting and making it look better.

Which by the way I never did post pictures of the "after" of my bedroom. Well here it is:


Here are some before and after's of my craft room too.



I was so proud and happy about that room and pretty much a week after I'd finished decorating it, Dan told me we should move. I was so ticked! But I LOVE my new bedroom in this house. It's twice the size of my old bedroom and I can fit my craft stuff in there. Dan and I call it our bedroom suite, cause it's seriously huge! My closet is the size of a small bedroom. It's crazy. Our first night in the house Dan says to me, "it's like being in a hotel!".......I couldn't help but agree......and laugh.


Sarah said...

Ugh! That would be so annoying! I'm just glad that you figured it out before things would've gotten even more difficult.

tonksfam said...

I LOVE your bold colors! Are you going to paint the new house? Will you use the same colors? Will you post pictures sooner this time? (Like I'm one to talk! We painted the first week we owned our home SIX MONTHS AGO and have I posted one picture?)

Sounds like our whole house could fit in your bedroom ;) I'm so glad everything worked out better. Sometimes it's just amazing to see the path we had to take to get to where we needed to go.

Erekson's said...

I love your paint, it'a awesome! Too bad you ahd to leave it behind, I can't wait to see pictures of your new house, hopefully everything will work out with that!

*Danette said...

Glad you're back!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

Looks great! you did a very nice job.

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