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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Future is DAVID PRICE.....

Okay so not really.....but kinda.

So Dan's brother David and his family picked up and moved from the Tri-Cities WA to Boston in September. He works for Bank of America but they're working with MIT on a project called the "Center For Future Banking" and they recently launched their website. My brother-in-law made the front cover! (click on his picture to view his article)

We're all really proud of him and the work that he's doing. Their family is having a BLAST living in Boston. They went from a house in small town USA to a luxury high rise apartment in a huge city; full of history and excitement. They're only supposed to be there for a year, but I kept saying to them before they left that they'll never come back.

I'm hoping they're at least there long enough for the girls and I to go and visit!

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