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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Did It, I Did It, I DID IT! YAY! I DID IT!

Okay I've been watching too much Dora The Explorer!

Anyways I'm very proud of myself that I could be so crafty. See I LOVE doing crafts, but I don't consider myself very creative or a "crafty" person. Anyways last night I went over to a lady in my new ward's house, with a bunch of other ladies from my ward and we made these hair clips.

(Thank you Kayla for modeling them. She'll take ANY chance to wear "hair pretties" fact she's still wearing the Kitty one as I write this blog)

We were there from 8-10pm and it seriously took me 1 hour just to do one clip. (the Hello Kitty one) I know I'm lame....but I did it! I was having a hard time figuring out the bow. I'm retarded. Although I managed to make a pair of each one. But now that I've got it, I'm going to make a tons more, cause I bought a whole bunch of ribbon a while back when it was on sale at Joann's when they were going out of business in Redmond. I've been meaning to make these clips forever and I just didn't know how. Some one in my last ward was going to show me how and then I moved. So I was ecstatic that someone here knew how to make them. I was also glad to have a chance to get to know the girls in my new ward.

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE my new ward? It's never taken me no time to be my outgoing self in a new ward before. I don't know if I've just gained my confidence back by being out here in Monroe or what, but I'm just able to show my true colors right away and let people really get to know me, where as in other wards it's taken me months for me to truly shine! ha ha

Anyways they have no idea what they've inherited! lol Watch out Monroe 1st Ward! Here comes Susan!....full force!


Sarah said...

I think that's my old ward! Good job with the bows. I am also crafting impaired.

Suze said...

How long ago did you live there?

Suze said...

Oh and thanks for the compliment...not that I was fishing for one by posting this....well I guess I kinda was. lol

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