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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another BAD Cho Cho's Experience!

Well it's actually Coho's but if you really want to know why we call it Cho Cho's read a previous blog about it (doesn't really explain much, but whatever). Anyways Dan, the girls and I went to Cho Cho's for lunch today cause we still love the food and we get a Prime Card discount (a Microsoft Perk) where it's buy one entree, get one free.

Anyways the very first we went to Cho Cho's it was the BEST experience that we've ever had at a restaurant. Great food, excellent service, good atmosphere....we thought we'd found our place! Ever since's all gone down hill as far as service and everything else except for the food and the atmosphere. The only thing that keeps us going back is that we love the food and our great deal we get there.

So this trip today should we have expected anything more than our usual luck of bad service? We after a dry spell of not going there for almost a year, I had high hopes. But I should've known that with our luck it would happen again.

You should know that Dan and I have a high bar for service at restaurants. We received first class service at a mediocre restaurant one time at a pretty busy time of night and so we consider that waitress the bar that everyone else has to meet as far as "good service" goes. But even the servers at Cho Cho's don't even come close to this bar I'm talking about. It's like they hire rejects from Hooters or something.......okay not saying that they have big boobs or nothing, but seriously, it doesn't take 8 brain cells to be a waitress.

Anyways so when they came around to ask how we were doing, ("they" meaning not our waitress) all we asked for was some more Ketchup, (cause this place was too fancy to have ketchup bottles on the table I guess) so about 10 minutes later when Dan was practically finished and Kayla was pouting cause her Ketchup was gone in her tiny little dish, our waitress comes by finally and she asks how we're doing and I ask her for some Ketchup. I don't know why I keep capitalizing the word Ketchup. Maybe cause it's the main thing in my story. Anyways she comes back right away with Ketchup, but the only one who's happy is Kayla. So I get ready to pay the check and give the waitress my Prime Card and my Credit Card and then she takes off. So does Dan, to go wash his hands. Then the lady who we asked earlier for Ketchup (the "lady" turns out to be the manager) comes by our table and says, "Oh I'm sorry I forgot to bring you your Ketchup earlier didn't I?" and I'm like, "yeah but it's okay" whatever blah blah she's all like offering us free dessert on the house to make it up to us and I'm thinking to myself, I really don't need dessert and so I said it was okay, but then I said to myself, "Self, why the heck not? She forgot the dang Ketchup and now she's trying to make up for it. What a noble thing." So I told her I changed my mind and told her to bring the dessert. For once Cho Cho's realized their own mistake and made up for it.....

Little did I know.....

As Dan was walking to the bathroom to wash his hands he "crossed paths" with the manager lady before she came to our table and she said to him, "Oh did I forget to bring you Ketchup?" and he said very bluntly, "Um ya". He was not impressed. SO THAT'S WHY SHE CAME TO OUR TABLE TO APOLOGIZE! So if we had been nice about it she probably wouldn't have said anything? That made me even more glad I took that free dessert. Not that my body's going to thank me for it later. Although today's the kind of day I needed it! Oye! (but that's another story!)

Anyways to make things worse....

When our waitress came back with our bill, she hadn't taken off the Prime Discount on our final charge, even though she had taken our Prime Card and deducted it from the part of the bill.

Like I said....EVERY TIME WE GO THERE.......something's gotta happen!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Woo hoo!!! I made it to your blog! Thanks for the invite.

I love exchanging stories about bad service. I love writing complaint letters about bad service. I love receiving gift cards after I complain about bad service so I can get the bad service for free.


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