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Thursday, July 3, 2008


If I were a super hero for one day, my name today would be:


I know.... I'm crazy, but I seriously was radioactive today.

I had a Bone Scan done today, for my doctor to see what's up with the mysterious pains I've been having in my foot, that comes and goes. He's a Rheumatologist and I was referred to him by my Podiatrist to see if I maybe had arthritis.

So I went to the hospital to have this done and they inject this radioactive stuff in me. It was so bizarre. I went into this room that had all the hazardous signs and everything. You know, the ones that say, "Radioactive!" It kinda freaked me out. I guess it didn't help that I had just watched an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation where Data had gone to this planet and had collected radioactive rocks and everyone was touching it and getting sick.....everyone was touching it cause he had lost his memory and it wasn't being protected by the box that protected the radioactive material cause he didn't know what it was for.....anyways I'm sure you really care about that...but it made me realize just how radioactive materials can harm a person. Well I was like, just how safe is this stuff?

So I asked the technician, just how safe is this stuff? and he's like, "I've been working with this stuff for over 30 years and it's safer than getting an x-ray done. So I looked at him and he didn't look severely deformed or had a 3rd eye or anything, so I figured one little shot of this stuff wasn't going to hurt me.

Anyways 2 hours later after the radioactive material had gone through my blood stream I had to go back for the pictures. That was pretty boring. I had to sit still for 7 minutes for each picture (4 of my feet and 2 of my hands) and then I was done. The whole thing took about 45 minutes. I did get to watch the pictures they took of my hands which was pretty cool. I could see not only my bones light up, but it's hard to just my hands without my skin.....but it wasn't like an was an orange scan. Okay so it's really hard to describe unless you've seen one.

Anyways we'll have to see what my doctor says now. What the mystery pains are. And pray that I don't have arthritis!


tonksfam said...

7 Min?!?! Boy would I want to twitch my fingers or something!

Suze said...

Oh believe me, I was going crazy!

Suze said...

Still not as bad as a CAT scan, an MRI or a Spinal Tap! I've had all 3 and it's a walk in the park compared to them....well the MRI, not so bad....but the CT and the TAP major pains in the butt! Never want them again in my life time if I can avoid them!

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