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Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 years...

Today marks 4 years of marriage for Dan and I. It may not seem like much to some of you, but it feels like forever for us. Although we've only been together 4 years, it's seems like we've always been together and we always say we can't remember our lives without each other. It's the same when we got our girls; it's like they've always been a part of our family. That's what our Heavenly Father's plan of eternal families is all about, I believe. Becoming His eternal plan of happiness.

I'm so grateful I found a partner to share my life and my journey with and to be ONE with. He's given me so much over the years as far as gifts go; material and un-material in nature, but this year topped it all!

He surprised me by giving me a coupon book full of so many great and wonderful things to redeem for future purchases....things I feel I don't even deserve!

-A Girls Night out to the Movies
-$$ to spend at Sephora
-A day at the Spa
-Romantic Dinner (at the place of my choice, & after the kids are adopted)
-A Weekend Getaway (after the girls are adopted of course)
-$$ towards a new camera (after bonus $$ comes in, tee hee)

I burst into tears when I saw the first coupon for the girls night out. I wasn't even expecting the rest. It was the most thoughtful gift he's ever given me because he knows me. Sure there are stipulations, but it's only cause things are complicated with the girls and we just can't leave them in anyone else's care right now....not even for a little bit. So it kind of makes it hard to get out....if you know what I mean.

Anyways we don't usually give each other gifts for our anniversary. We typically spend it together at the temple renewing our memory of our own wedding day and performing proxy sealings for the dead. But since we have the girls and we're not leaving them in anyone's care, like I said, we weren't about to go anywhere without them. So we opted to go out for dessert with them. We went to Claim Jumpers and had their Mud Pie. It was good, but of course sickly sweet, like all desserts are. The girls were just happy they got to eat ice cream. (We deprive them!)...or "EYE FEEN" as Kayla calls it.

Anyways I do want to mention that I did have a gift for Dan. It made him cry too. It makes me cry every time I watch it and I made it!

Our "song" is No Matter What by Boyzone and it's sort of become the theme of our relationship. It's what I did our wedding slideshow to and it's what I did this slideshow to, so that's my explanation of it. Anyways.......

Happy Anniversary Daniel!
~Thank you for loving me no matter what~
I love you!
~Your Suze


Jennifer Moneymaker Owens said...

Oh Susan! That was soo sweet. :)

tonksfam said...

Beautiful video :) You are very good with the camera! So...are you like us where more pictures were taken after the kids arrived than before? It's funny how that seems to work ;)

Thanks for inviting me to continue reading your blog.

Ryan and Amanda said...

Happy anniversary! That was an awsome video!

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