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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Special Delivery!

The other day....

Dan got a package from UPS.

This isn't an unusual thing. But for once we weren't expecting anything.

So when I signed for this package I looked at whom the package was from and all it said was Delightful Deliveries.

Beats me?
I had no idea.

Then I started to think like a loonie.....Maybe it was a bomb?
(Hey I said I started to think like a loonie)

So anyways I left the box for Dan to open when he got home. I mean normally I would open it and see what it was, but after all..........this could be a bomb!
Okay I was sorta half serious and I had two girls to think about.
So when Dan got home he was just as puzzled about the package as I was, since he wasn't expecting anything. He opened it anyways.....
(as I stood back....I thought it was a bomb people!)
and inside was this:

We were both like, "HUH? Who would send us this?"

I mean it's not like we had a baby or anything. Everyone who knows us knows that. This basket has all the baby necessities like pacifiers, a baby bottle, stuffed toys etc....

Then Dan read the package invoice and laughed. This is what it said:

Apparently his admin at work sent this on behalf of his group at work. She's new and I guess he figured she must've heard that we were adopting a baby and not two little girls.
Poor girl! When Dan went to work the following day to thank her, she actually knew that we were adopting two toddlers and not a baby. She just didn't know about kids all that much.


Tricia said...

I think 2 and 2 year olds look cute with soothers and bottles! HA HA

Its the thought that counts right?

funny remember how clueless we were before we had kids? I had a friend who was watching my barely 2 year old at the temple and Jacob said he had to go to the bathroom so........oh never mind, its a crapy story


love ya!

Suze said...

That IS a CRAPPY story and there will be NO MORE mentioned about it! It wasn't MY fault you never told me he wasn't potty trained! You only told me Aliza was in a diaper! WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

That story will haunt me for the rest of my life!

Oh never identified me as the "friend"....oh D'OH!

Tricia said...

what are you talking about susan???... I wasnt talking about you...geeze some people think it all about them! ha

man I am too Funny!~

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