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Monday, April 3, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Well we’re back home now FINALLY!!! Man who’da known that spending a month confined in a hotel room in a pretty dull town, watching TV all day, would have me miss the comforts of home. Well it wasn’t all that bad. I did get to catch up on old shows that I used to watch like: What Not To Wear, Cosby Show, The Nanny, Trading Spaces, CSI, Law & Order SVU, King of Queens, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Becker, and shamefully the odd 90210 or Days of Our Lives; and new shows I’ve never seen like: Little People Big World and Dog the Bounty Hunter. I’m sure there’s more but these are enough of an example of what a couch potato I was. I couldn’t help it. That’s what 2 years living without cable does to a person. But it’s also the reason we don’t have cable, cause it’s the exact thing that I’d do all day here.

Well being without the gym or any type of movement other than from the couch to the bathroom or the refrigerator for that matter, has taken its toll on my life and I’m punishing myself by starting a strict gym routine from now on. We’ll see how long it lasts, but today I spent a total of 1 ½ hours at the gym and I plan on doing the same tomorrow. I have a workout buddy and we’re going every morning together from Monday –Friday. We’re good motivation for each other cause neither of us really like working out so if we do it together we’ll make it funner. I know funner’s not a word but work with me here a’ight?

Anyways I haven’t written about my events in good ol’ Raleigh yet and the reason is that I hated typing for long periods of time on the stupid laptop we had. So now that I’m back in the comforts of my at-home-keyboard, I can right till the cows come home……..or at least till I have to go to bed in a half hour (gotta wake up early and go to the gym ya know). Anyways after the first week we were there we went down to Columbia, South Carolina to go to the temple and to meet up with our friends Chris & Kathy. Well we were supposed to be there at between 1:30-2pm, and let’s just say DON’T EVER TRUST GOOGLE MAPS DIRECTIONS!!! It may give you the fastest way there, but it’s never the most direct. We ended up on this road that was supposed to be a highway, but it was more like a really long stretch of road that was in the middle of freakin’ no where! We had no idea if we’d taken a wrong turn or what, so we went back to the “real highway” and asked for directions at a gas station.

Well……….ok……listen up folks……..if you’re gonna give someone directions to a certain highway…….at least know what you’re talking about! The guy gave us the wrong directions!!! We ended up going the wrong way for like 10 minutes before I figured that we should turn back around. By this time it’s like 2:30 and about the time that I wished I had written down Chris’ cell #. We went back to the highway that Google Maps told us to go on, which seriously looked like it was goin’ nowhere, but eventually it ended us up on the right track. We made it to the temple by about 2:55pm where our friends were so patiently waiting for us. Turns out the last session for the temple was at 3pm and we missed it. We felt SOOOOOOOOO bad!!! But they we good about it. They only live about an hour away so it’s not like it was out of their way or anything. YA RIGHT!!! We felt really awful about it, but luckily they forgave us. Anyways it was nice seeing each other after 4 years and finally meeting each others spouses. They’re a really good couple. Kathy’s awesome. She was born and raised in Rock Hill, SC and she sounds so South Carolina and I loved it! Chris has totally got the accent too. This kid may be a good ol’ Canadian white boy from the T-Dot; may be able to speak Cantonese, French, and Spanish, but he’s got DRAWL!

Anyways it was SO good to hang out with them. We drove up to Rock Hill and hung out with them that night. Oh ya and the funny thing was as we were driving up to Rock Hill following Chris & Kathy, we saw this ONTARIO plate and I was like trying to get Chris to look at it, but I couldn’t get his attention, so Dan sped up as close as he could get to it and I took a picture of it. I thought it was so cool to see an Ontario license plate in south Carolina. Then when we saw a second one, we were like: they must be caravanning or something. Then we saw another…….and another……..and another…….and another. In the hour drive we lost track counting at 9 or 10. We couldn’t believe it. I mean it’s not like the Canadian border is remotely close to SC, so why all the plates? We told Chirs about them and they’re like, “Oh ya, people are driving back from Spring Break. They drive down to Florida.” Apparently it’s like a 20 hour drive, but a lot of people from Ontario do it. Crazy people.

Anyways when we got to Rock Hill we hung out, had a good meal at Red Robbins and introduced them to RAGE (which of course they loved). We had an absolute blast with them and wished we could’ve been with them longer, but we had to drive back to Raleigh Sunday. But I was so glad to see my good friend Chris again. Good times, good times.

Well pretty much the rest of the time in Raleigh was a bore. At least we were able to go to the temple in Raleigh before we left. It’s actually in Apex, which was about 10 min from where we were staying in Cary. Looks just like any other mini-temple, so the pictures might all look the same, but they’re different.

Oh ya I forgot to mention that I saw the most hilarious thing when I was in Nashville. I was taking the shuttle to the airport and suddenly I see this humongous yellow sign that said, WAFFLE HOUSE. I wanted to take a picture of it so badly but it was out of view before I could get the shot. Anyways I was telling Dan about it when he picked me up from the airport and because I just thought it was so funny (I know I’m weird) and then wouldn’t you know it, they’re all over NC too! I didn’t know that it was a chain restaurant. It’s a dinky little restaurant that obviously serves waffles, but it’s so dinky that Dan and I tried to go there one night when we were craving Breakfast for Dinner and the only took CASH! How lame is that? We were laughing about it with Chris and Kathy too and they said that people in SC always talk about eating Chicken & Waffles for breakfast. We thought that was so funny! “I’m gonna get me sum chick’n & waffles for breakfast”. Maybe it’s not that funny to you, but we still laugh about it. I mean who eats Chicken for breakfast? I guess people who eat at the WAFFLE HOUSE!

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