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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Do NOT Read This!

Uh.....I thought I told you not to read this?


So I supposeta be in Cainerda by now......but I no be dere. I wait till Wednesday cause of the Dan. It's all his fault! He no let me go to Cainerda. I want to go, but he say, "No go!". I sad cause I no go to Cainerda yet. I wait till Wednesday. Sad sad.

I am a mental patient can you tell?

No, but for reals yo, I was supposed to be up at Ma Nicka's by now, but I have to take Dan to an appointment today, that hinders my ability to be anywhere but here right now, especially in Canada. I don't hold it against him as it may seem. In fact I rejoice at this opportunity that we have to go to this appointment, simply for the fact that I will have a new husband by tomorrow. No he's not going in for cosmetic surgery or a sex-change.......he's going to have a machine to help him sleep better and not snore so that finally we can have our lives back! This machine called a C PAP, will help him not to have "Apneas" during the night. For those who are uninformed at what this is I will explain.

An apnea, or snoring, is a severe blockage of the airway when breathing while sleeping. When the airway gets blocked the brain wakes up and although the subject appears to not have his sleep dissrupted, he actually does. Therefore in the case of people with Sleep Apnea, they usually wake up about an average of 700-800 times a night. Amazing eh? Well in Dan's case, when he did his sleep study, they tested him and his brain woke up about a 1000 times that night. As you can see by the figures, he woke up more than average and therefore increasing his case of Apnea to that of a severe one. Symptoms of Apnea are often confused with Narcolepsey, where the subject tends to nod off uncontrollably during the day, therefore affecting the subject's performance at work and alertness while driving. This was such the case with Dan. Especially in meetings at work, or at church and while driving; he would get drowsy and his brain would think it was time to sleep. The nurse at the clinic explained that this is the case with people with Apnea because even though they think they've slept through the night, their brain hasn't and therefore when the body is sitting there doing nothing productive, like sitting in a meeting, driving etc... the brain thinks it's time to sleep and therefore the body goes into sleep mode.

What this new machine will do for Dan, is blow pressurized air through a mask that he wears at night and act as a splint to unblock his airway while he sleeps. Therefore he will not snore and he will get a full nights sleep. Even after the second night of the sleep study, where they tested him with the C PAP, I could tell a huge difference in my husband. He was more alert, was more happy, never got drowsy during the day, even though he woke up at 5:30 am and stayed up till about 10:30pm. I could definitely tell that this machine would work. Therefore I knew that I would have a new husband, therefore I would be able to sleep in the same room with him again, therefore increasing my happiness level and therefore creating a brand new life for Mr. & Mrs. Price.

Therefore I am happy that it turned out that I didn't leave Monday. Especially also cause somehow I injured my hip during my sleep, cause Monday morning when I got out of bed, I was in severe pain and could barely walk properly. Fortunately I was able to get an appointment with my Chiropractor to get an adjustment and I already feel better. I'm going again today and so hopefully it should be better before I leave. Isn't great how things just work out the way they're supposed to?

Anyways I'm looking forward to my visit back home. I'm mostly looking forward to going out for sushi on Friday. I've been craving it since FOREVER! I haven't been in a year and although we do have one joint here dedicated to the All You Can Eat Japanese Food buffet, called TODAI, and although I am going there for my birthday this year, cause I get a free meal...... it's still not the same experience as going with the gang to Sui Sha Ya or however you spell it.


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